Benchmark challenge


The purpose of this benchmark problem is to provide a platform for the students and younger researchers to challenge the issues of the next generation powertrain control, and exchanging the frontier research results in automotive system control and optimization.

The aim of the benchmark problem is to design a real-time energy management strategy for HEVs under the connected environment is proposed for E-COSM 2021. Please see the flyer of Call for Challenge[PDF].


1. Please download the benchmark problem description from the EnerarXiv through the following link:

2. Contact to Dr. Fuguo Xu by email: for register and requesting the download link of simulator. To register, please send back the Benchmark_Register.xlsx with your information. The personal information in this file is only used for statistics and we promise that it will not be shown to others.

3. Dr. Xu will send you the download link and password. Please do not share the link to others!

Debug and User FAQ

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