Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences,Shen Laboratory

Master Thesis


[1]  [Shuhei Toda]           

Iterative design of nonlinear optimal controller and its application to combustion engine control

[2]  [Tomoaki Imai]

Numerical method for solving optimization problem of dynamical system and its application to hybrid electric vehicle

[3]  [Kazumichi Oda]

Controller design for automotive engines based on H infinite control theory

[4]  [Kai Zhao]

Engine cyclic control using field programmable gate array

[5]  [Satoshi Shinya]

A study of obstacle avoidance control using potential function

[6]  [Hang Liao]

Research on fuel economy optimization algorithm of hybrid powertrain



[1]  [Tetsuya Mafune]     

Modeling and control for reducing nitrogen oxides in automobile engines

[2]  [Zidan Xu]

Likelihood-based cyclic variation control for lean combustion engines

[3]  [Mari Washino]

A study of torque control system for acceleration/deceleration based on slip ratio

[4]  [Ikuya Kobayashi]

Optimal control for hybrid electric vehicles based on forecasting of driver behavior

[5]  [Wataru Akutsu]

A study on exact linearization of nonlinear systems with time-varying parameters

[6]  [Atsushi Ohsugi]

Application of hidden markov model to engine simulator