Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences,Shen Laboratory


    •  High-level gasoline engines  (TOYOTA-2GR, and TOYOTA-2ZR engines)

    •  Full control of engine ECU via bypass (Momery-sharing method)
    •  Maximum 0.1 deg crank angle cylinder pressure measurement (Kistler CPS)
    •  Multi-core rapid prototype controller (dSPACE1006)
    •  FPGA parallel computing board for combustion analysis
    •  Transient calibration with advanced electric dynamometer (HORIBA DYN3 LI250)
    •  Driver-Engine-Vehicle-Route real-time simulation environment (IPG CarMaker, AVL InMotion)
    •  Advanced combustion analysis system (AND Phenix CAS)