Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences,Shen Laboratory

PhD Short Course (Mar. 2017)

This Ph.D short course aims to introduce basic knowledge on system control theory and application in sustainable automotive powertrain systems. The topics include dynamical system control theory, especially stochastic optimal control, model predictive control, and its application in developing advanced automotive powertrain control systems. During the course, an interactive poster session and round table discussion will be organized for the attenders. A benchmark problem on engine boundary control will be reviewed and provided by industrial researcher.


•  Time: March 23-30, 2017
•  Organizer: Shen Lab. @ Sophia University
•  Co-Sponsor:  MIRAI Project 
                           (Connecting Swedish and Japanese Universities through Research, Education and Innovation)
•  Theme: Sustainable Automotive Powertrain System Control Design
•  Activity:  Invite 5 famous scholars to give theirs lectures at Sophia
•  Attendance: 30 Ph.D students from Japanese and Swedish MIRAI partners


 Glance on Short Courses


                  Prof. Per Tunestål (Lund University, Sweden)



                Mr. Alex Ohata (Seiner Adviser, TECHOVA, Japan)



               Prof. Junmin Wang  (Ohio State University, USA)



               Prof. Yuhu Wu (Dalian University of Technology, China)



               Prof. Mazen Alamir (Grenoble University, France)